All of Business in 15 Minutes

Are you ready to understand the real challenges that all businesses face, and receive PRACTICAL INSIGHTS to IMPROVE YOUR BUSINESS, regardless of what industry you work in?

This FREE 15 MINUTE VIDEO is a high level map explaining the framework and structures you need to implement in your business to become the MASTER OF YOUR BUSINESS.

In this video, Dr. Machiel Emmering provides INVALUABLE INSIGHTS which he has studied and developed over years, explaining the logical build-up of the 8 core areas in ALL of business.

Master Your Business

This video is for anyone who wants to start their journey on a complete understanding of business, as to perform better. For your business, you want many improvement ideas to sharpen business results. For employees, you want to drive ability and motivation, and a shared understanding of the company.

Who Is This For?

If you are a manager, entrepreneur or a subject matter expert, and want an enhanced view and a stronger grip on business, this video is the perfect starting point for you.

Structure and Focus

By having a higher level of insight into the bigger picture of business and the separate domains, you can improve focus and efforts, interactions, confidence, and in the end business results. This does not require years of business study. All of Business gives you invaluable insight in just 15 minutes. 

Meet Your Presenter

Dr. Machiel Emmering

  • I studied economics and business administration, then got a PhD – so I did all the tedious reading, selecting, and organizing of all the contents for you.
  • I work as a business consultant, researcher, lecturer/trainer, and coach.
  • I’ve done this for/with industries of various types (a.o. Sara Lee, Philips, ING, eBay, Heerema), startups & SME (many), government (The Bank of the Netherlands, several Ministries), the academic world (several universities), and art & charity (many).
  • Meanwhile I’ve published 3 books and >100 articles (being fair about the latter: most on my own –other– site).
  • People appreciate how I select, organize, improve, clarify, relate, and convey seemingly complex content (LinkedIn recommendations).

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