Freaks Cheats Familiars: assure you get attention

You are in business. Suppose that clients don’t come flying in. So you’re trying to be seen by the market. You are developing some marketing activities. The very first thing to do is immediately one of the tougher things: make the audience AWARE of your existence. You want to get ATTENTION. But how to do that, in a world that is non-stop over-stimulated by the daily millions of enticing expressions? LET THESE THREE ELDERLY FELLOWS SHOW YOU WHICH ATTENTION HACKS MAY HELP.



We are intrigued if not obsessed by freaky appearances. They just instantly grab our attention, because they deviate so much from what is normal (which is by far most of what we get to see, even if it’s not a pretty sight). It is like we can’t help paying attention to it. By the way, although “freak” has a negative connotation, many people try to be freaky in some way, as to express individuality (= getting attention). So you can use this by spicing up your marketing with freak elements.



We are real suckers for cheats. It’s not so much that we rationally really believe what they say, it’s rather that we like to believe what they say. It is like creating belief in what you know is not really the case. Therefore, we keep on being attracted to “the ONE thing that counts”, “lose 30 kilos in 1 month”, and “5 steps to a 7-digit income”. The curiosity and suspense that cheat-claims can create will assure that people pay attention. You can use this by creating “the suspense of a promise” in your marketing.



We almost go on auto-pilot regarding giving attention and trust, when people who we feel familiar with start talking. These can be real friends, or strangers who we’d like to be friends, or who otherwise just feel good. Very good candidates are friendly looking, trust inspiring, famous-but-still-so-normal people (like our late Miffy creator Dick Bruna here). All of these different versions of familiarity make that when these people talk, we are much more inclined to pay attention – and rely on what they say/suggest. Use this by mobilizing people to spread “personal and sincere” endorsements of what you offer.

Did you notice how the cheat actually fits the profile of a trustworthy familiar? That is obviously deliberately the case! And did you notice how Dick Bruna’s moustache may suddenly appear a bit freaky, if he would be looking angry? Okay, let’s not talk about that one! Now go get your prospects’ attention, show them that you exist … let me see you freaks, cheats, and familiars out there!

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