Mindset: the ONE switch to improve everything

Carol Dweck wrote an interesting book about people having a “fixed” versus a “growth” mindset. “Fixed” hinges on the idea that things in life (people, capabilities, possibilities) are more or less fixed; “growth” on the idea that everything can be changed. The difference can be critical for the course of one’s life, and to success and happiness. Let’s have a look at the differences.

Mindset differences

It is clear that “growth” is more preferable than “fixed”. The thing is: people are not binary fixed OR growth. They are both partially, depending on various situations (circumstances, moods). It would be strange if you would recognize nothing of fixed thinking in yourself. But the good news is: you can change yourself to detect this fast, and to switch to growth. Similarly, while working with others, it helps to be able to detect fixed mindsets by which things stagnate, and to subtly move people to the growth mindset again.

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