Master ANY business. TONS of insights. Fully SYSTEMIZED.

You are in business. As an owner, manager, or expert.
You know that BUSINESS INSIGHT improves
1) your control, 2) your connectedness to it all, and 3) the options you see.

Ideally, you’d have all the insights you need to improve any business, in the most systemized way.
That’s exactly what this online course will get you.

You know the downsides of gaining useful insights

There’s so much fluff out there. Often, things were not worth your attention after all.  ♦  Learning gets fragmented fast. You learn and know a lot, but how does it all fit together … where is the “system” in what you know about business?  ♦  Input can be over-promising, theoretical, difficult, expensive (MBA’s certainly are), or impeded in other ways. I have been frustrated with this many times…

This online course was designed to prevent all these drawbacks! It will get you:

  • All the insights you need, as to understand everything in any type of business. Get the essentials of 1. Strategy, 2. New Business, 3. Organization, 4. Management, 5. Finance, 6. Quality Improvement, 7. Mobilizing People, and 8. Leadership/Entrepreneurship.
  • In a unique framework that systemizes ALL of business.

You DON’T want it to be:

  • Fluff
  • Fragmented
  • Over-promising
  • Expensive
  • Difficult
  • Time consuming

I’ll get to the important details and participants’ feedback in a minute, but first:

Your takeaways

… 100’s of new or refreshed practical insights and ideas
… the systematic bigger picture by which to understand ANY business
… blind spots opened up
… and thus the truly improved feeling of grip
… with sharpened options to relate to anything in business

What EXACTLY is in it? Be prepared for a scary overview…

You know the format: “The 4 elements of X”, “The 5 steps to Y”. That is what I have done for this course. And this is where things – at first – get scary. While you usually get a handful of takeaways, the list of what you’ll get here is so large that it’s almost not funny anymore. However, given the ultra-structure of it all (which doesn’t show in the list, but it’s there, I promise), you won’t get lost.

Since the list is so absurd, I can’t even display it on this page. Go check it here (new browser tab), and then please come back here.

Are you back? Yep, that amount of content. And I haven’t even shown you how it all gets systemized in that ultimate bigger picture, by which you’ll understand any business. That amount, that degree of systemization, that kind of value.

Participants have said things like:
Game changer in understanding my business  •  Immediate food for improvement  •  Unbelievable  •  Utmost structured  •  Extreme value for money  •  Amazing amount and clarity  •  Really everything got covered  •  Happy with my lifelong homework  •  My decades of experience in one all-round course  •  To any professional: this is a must.


  • 67-page support guide
  • Hands-on assessments
  • DIY Consultancy system

Wait, did I tell you that there’s more?

As to really stimulate you to apply the insights to your situation, the video version includes a workbook, which raises all the important questions to address, as to improve things in any of the eight domains. It truly is a Do It Yourself consultancy system. Multiply your return on the already small investment with this hands-on guide!

Wait, did I tell you that there’s yet even more?

The online course itself is complete. BUT … There’s another phenomenon that can hardly be ignored, called … business books.

The list of classics that you should have read keeps growing, but you can’t free up the time for that, right? And why do all these books have to be hundreds of pages, while the core messages could also be captured in a fraction of that?

That’s what I have done. I have summarized 52 hot / classic / intriguing books to the max, in a fixed format of 2 pdf pages. That is less than 1% of the original volume, while you still get the core messages of the book, and obviously also for a comparable fraction of the price!

So apart from the course, you can have a year of weekly 2-page summaries of the best business books to know about. The combination offer is disproportional value for money. How we all like it! Which books? Check it out here!


  • 52 summaries
  • Best business books
  • 2 pdf pages
  • Weekly via mail
  • For 1 full year
  • Core content, 1% of size & price

All the insights you need  ♦  A systemizing framework  ♦  A 67-page workbook ♦  52 super-summaries



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