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The SpeedMBA online course gets you ALL the insights you need to better understand and improve ANY business you’re dealing with. More so, in a fully systemized way, so that all your knowledge about business finally gets integrated.
Take a look at the program below and find out what topics get covered in the course.


You need to be on the map with success. Useful insights:


  • What is it
  • What are its elements
  • How to develop it


  • A new company, product, etc.
  • How to elaborate it
  • How to realize it


Thereto, work must constantly be arranged and done. Useful insights:


  • What is organization design
  • Classic approaches
  • Modern approaches


  • What is the role of a manager
  • What and how you manage
  • How to improve this


This requires resources, to be used optimally. Useful insights:


  • Essentials of finance
  • The financial statements
  • Read and assess numbers


  • What is “quality”
  • Why, who, where, when
  • Improvement approaches


The whole of this is initiated and realized by people. Useful insights:


  • Human Resources
  • Teams and Change
  • Stakeholders, relationships


  • Leadership role
  • Skills, focus, habits, others
  • Entrepreneurial effectiveness

A bit more detail of how this course will enrich you

  • What strategy is (nót a “grand master plan”), and if you need it
  • Which elements of the company you can tweak to crank up success bit by bit
  • What all the elements of marketing and sales are and how to improve it
  • How competitors can really help make you stronger
  • Which steps to take in developing new business, partly with business modeling
  • How project management approaches differ, and why Scrum is interesting
  • Why classic organizations struggle, and how to organize in modern ways
  • Why management is inherently difficult, and how to improve it
  • Which important health info to read in the financial statements
  • How to work on quality (and: should you?), e.g. with Lean and Six Sigma
  • What effective people mobilization is, and how to accomplish it
  • In which ways you can work on yourself, improving your leadership
  • How entrepreneurs differ in certain mindsets and personal effectiveness
  • And, really, much more … we are talking about 100’s of insights!

The formats in which you can get this course

BASIC: Slides + Videos

All of the content in 350 online slides, plus
30+ videos (13 hours) in which all slides get explained

COMPLETE: Everything

350 slides, 30+ videos, plus a 67-page do-it-yourself consultancy workbook, plus one year of weekly business book summaries, 2-pagers in pdf, stops automatically

SIDE DISH: Business book summaries

One year of weekly business book summaries (52 famous books!), 2-pagers in pdf, stops automatically

Healthy side warning: this is for content people

Since it’s good for both of us to prevent disappointments, please note the following…

Content, not entertainment. This is about understanding ALL of business. It will take effort and your attention to learn it.
Content, not design. My effort went into conveying as much as possible insight, not into slick (but distracting) videos.
Content, not results. The course gets you all the insights you need, but you’ll need to apply them yourself.

If this focus on content didn’t scare you, then go for it!




The lecturer – dr. Machiel Emmering

  • I studied economics and business administration, then got a PhD – so I did all the tedious reading, selecting, and organizing of all the contents for you.
  • I work as a business consultant, researcher, lecturer/trainer, and coach.
  • I’ve done this for/with industries of various types (a.o. Sara Lee, Philips, ING, eBay, Heerema), startups & SME (many), government (The Bank of the Netherlands, several Ministries), the academic world (several universities), and art & charity (many).
  • Meanwhile I’ve published 3 books and >100 articles (being fair about the latter: most on my own –other– site).
  • People appreciate how I select, organize, improve, clarify, relate, and convey seemingly complex content (linkedin recommendations).


  • 8 modules that cover ALL aspects of business. Strategy. Innovation. Organization. Management. Finance. Quality Improvement. Managing People. Leadership/Entrepreneurship.
  • Logically related in a unique, much acclaimed grid.
  • Basic version (slides only), or extended (video + workbook added)


  • 100’s of insights and improvement ideas.
  • Seeing the bigger picture of ANY business.
  • Being sharper with work, others, the market.
  • Feeling the confidence of understanding it all.
  • Having blind spots opened up.


Why would I pay anything at all, with so much free content out there?
Couple of reasons why you might consider spending just one or a couple of tens.

  • You’re getting “the whole story”. Free material on the internet is partial (and then you may think that only one model conveys “the whole truth” just because it tells you that it does).
  • You’re getting it integrated and logically related within one framework. Free material on the internet is fragmented (and then you may wonder what e.g. Scrum and Lean have to do with each other, if anything at all).
  • You’re getting many models simplified and/or adjusted such, that it becomes easier, more applicable, more sensible, and more pragmatic. Free material on the internet is prescriptive (if not dogmatic) and “truth-claiming” (and then you may feel doubt if you don’t see the point, whereas perhaps there is no point at that moment for you).
  • You’re getting it all as reference material in one place. Free material on the internet is dispersed over many places and in various forms (and then you may have trouble finding it back if you want to read it again).


Is this another “success formula”?
Certainly not. Or you should see it as an extremely complicated formula. So … no. One of the things that you will learn is that the full range of business comes with an awful lot of considerations, and that apart from the lucky few who have miraculous success, there is simply a lot to tweak and do in your business to gradually build success. There is no “success button” or a “5 steps to a 7-digit income”.
How does this differ from a full business study, what is left out?
This course is so concise because two time-consuming things are left out:

  • Content that is overly detailed, or theoretical / abstract, or of not-so-general relevance. This is a huge saver.
  • You don’t get exercises and skill training here. This e-course remains an individual home study. Application of the content is obviously critical as to make it valuable, but this part resides with you.
I've done a (bit of) business study, is this still interesting?
This course can complement what you have studied in three ways:

  • It is a refresher of most of the content that you’ve seen there.
  • It helps to re-focus on main items (you probably had to deal with many side items as well during that study).
  • It integrates / relates all the content that you’ve seen there, so that it finally does not feel fragmented anymore. As many of the seasoned managers who followed the seminar have said: “finally I see my decades of experience coming together in one whole”.
Can I upgrade?
Yep, just go “my profile” in the menu, and find the upgrade link there.
Can I get my money back?
Sure. I’m not advertising with that because (1) I know that I’m offering about the best low price content deal you can find, and (2) I think I’m quite clear about what it is, and is not (through the “healthy warnings”). But if you’re really unhappy with the purchase after all, drop me an email for a refund.
“This is like ALL business books in one course”


“Very clear what to tweak to improve”
“So much! So clear!”


“For a change, I was happy to pay!”

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