About me

My bio in short, fact sheet style:

  • I studied economics and business administration, and got my PhD at Nyenrode. I work as a management consultant, trainer, and project manager, and apart from that I’m an entrepreneur.
  • I worked for o.a. DNB, Sara Lee, Philips, and since 2007 I’ve been freelance servicing corporates (a.o. ING, MasterCard, eBay), ministries (a.o. Health, Infrastructure, and Economic Affairs), and large SME’s (a.o Heerema, TFG, TOPdesk).
  • I’ve written many articles and a couple of books, like Het Bedrijf, de verkorte handleiding and 100 Business Bites.
  • Style: I’m very casual and informal, but also pretty stern when it comes to content.
Books on business administration

Why SpeedMBA?

Everywhere I go, I see how smart people (e.g. experienced managers) struggle with business challenges. Conversely, I see for myself how easy it is to approach those challenges sensibly, if you have a broad spectrum of logically structured insights. With a well-structured overall view, you “only” have to pick the insights for the issue at hand, to be able to get on with it. And many people are constantly facing challenges in organizations. But not everyone can just take a few years off to study business administration. Which you don’t have to either. Because if you structure all the insights much more concisely and logically than is done in such programs, you can convey the essence in no time. So why SpeedMBA? It is the most compact, one-stop-shop, logically structured business insight source, accessible to anyone.


What makes SpeedMBA different?

  • Unlike many others I’m not into lengthy elaborations. Storylines around a specific point take time, and take your attention away from the bigger picture. Not desirable, so I keep it fast and to the point.
  • I like to keep things simple and practical. So I explain everything as I think is best, in such a way that it becomes a consistent whole, and not necessarily to make an author/guru shine.
  • Structuring is totally my thing. In my opinion every large/complex domain can be made logical and accessible to anyone, if you structure the whole tightly. So, that’s exactly what I do (and believe me, MBA programs don’t even do that for you).
  • You don’t get promises about how super-successful this is going to make you, or about how super-fast you’ll master it all. Business management just entails an awful lot of insights, which you’ll moreover have to apply yourself. But this course will give you all that you need for complete understanding of the whole, and make it accessible.

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