Understand the blueprint of ANY business in 8 domains

What you will learn and master


Portfolio and competitor analysis, marketing and sales, domains to build advantages, how to craft actionable strategy, and more

New Business

Pointers and tools to think out the Why, What, and How: business model canvas, financial projections, scrum, and more


What management is, principles and practices that make it a challenge, five complementary approaches to increase control, and more


What to understand of it as a manager: key info items in the key statements, understand numbers and fraud, and more


Working on yourself as a leader and entrepreneur: skills, habits, focal areas, power, personal effectiveness, and more

Organization Design

Techniques of classic design, pitfalls, modern ways to fix them: scientific management, horizontal design,
and more

Mobilizing People

Why it matters, various contexts, how to work on it: HRM, team / change / relationship management,
and more

Improvement/ Quality

Two angles of quality, why work on it systematically (or not), main techniques (a.o. lean, six sigma), and more

The 8 domains are set out in a unique, much acclaimed grid*, by which you will see the logical unity and bigger picture that all the domains form

* My publisher even said: this could become the global standard for integrating business insight

Everything is delivered in 32 clear sections, all with video & audio (Dutch or English) and slides (English)

The consultancy workbook

This digital workbook (PDF) is a true value multiplier on the course contents. For those who understand that the Return on Knowledge is in its application. This workbook guides you through hundreds of options to improve things in all the 8 domains. It truly is a Do It Yourself Consultancy Guide, helping you to reap the value of the insights, and multiply the returns on the already small investment. You can use this guide over and over again, in any company!

Online business MBA course

SpeedMBA is a tremendous source of insights for:


Managers/entrepreneurs from a non-business background, who want to get up to speed fast in what business is all about


Managers/professionals who are to improve the business, and who like a systematic, complete and evergreen overview and source for that


Productivity and personal development enthusiasts, always growing their insights, abilities and options


Seasoned managers (e.g. MT/BoM members) who are in for a refresher, and who want to see all this knowledge get integrated

My job as a hospital doctor is increasingly about managing the department. This had never been part of my study, so I felt a need for a compact introduction here. SpeedMBA proved adequate. The teacher kept me interested throughout the course, gave a very efficient overview, and conveyed the essence of the individual domains effectively. I gained clarity, enthusiasm, eye-openers … The world of many managers around me became clear, as well as their relevance to the whole. For those seeking instant understanding of the essence of organizations, I recommend this laudable course.

Arjan te Pas

Pediatrician, Leids Universitair Medisch Centrum

“Despite the enormous amount of content that was poured over me, the practical applicability is great. Not only in elaboration of strategic plans, but also in sharpening my own management understanding. The course gave me insight in business in general, the bigger picture. It made me realize that we still have plenty of improvement opportunities.”

Mascha Colmans - De Graaf

Sales Manager, Jean Mineur Mediavision

Online business MBA course

What you’ll get for only 375


All of Business, super systemized


8 domains, 32 sections, total of 12-13 hours


Online, per section: video + audio + slides


The do-it-yourself consultancy workbook


Timeless: still useful in the years to come


To process at any desirable moment


One-off business costs, with zero risk

SpeedMBA benefits:


Value of the content. It is much. It is clear. It is relevant. It is related. It is fluff-free.


Value of practical improvements. Get dozens of improvement options in all of the 8 core areas.


Value & joy of confidence and knowledge. Feel the satisfaction of fully digging business, and what top-books say about it.


Value of more effective connections. Relate better to any management, clients, and colleagues.


Value of this resource. It is efficient, effective and durable: your evergreen business insight source to keep tapping from.

What it saves you:


Tons of Time. You’ll get the essence of literally hundreds of books in a fraction of what it would take.


Tons of Effort. No more tedious digestion of hefty books, distilling the essence, relating all of it.


Tons of Money. You’re saving thousands on expensive courses and books.


Confusion of haphazard sources. No more unrelated bits & pieces, styles, formats, of unknown reliability.


Frustration with superficial content. Of hollow promises, success formula BS, anecdotal fluff.

Start today. Digest the course in a week. Improve your business in the next month. Keep using it over the years to come.

Order SpeedMBA for only 375. Not happy? Get a complete refund!

Compact ánd extensive.   Systematic ánd flexible.   Fast ánd durable.

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